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This Frequently Asked Questions list includes common questions that users run into. As issues come to light, this list will be updated.
  1. How do I use iPractice?
    Pickup your guitar, start the iPractice program, and then select a simple scale or chord exercise. Two good places to start are the C major scale in the open position or the C-G chord progression. Select a lesson by navigating through the list menus. When you arrive at the options screen for a specific lesson, choose the Slow speed and bump the loop count up to 5 or 10 loops via the + button. Now press the Begin button and get your hands ready to play your guitar (for a scale exercise, you will need to press the screen one more time to advance past the root position screen).

    If you have not used a specific lesson in awhile, it will take a few moments to load. When the lesson starts, you will hear a count in during the first measure. You should also see the 1, 2, 3, 4 text on the left side of the screen illuminating with the count. Now get your left foot tapping to the tempo of the song so that you can start playing the root note or the first chord on the 1 at the start of the second measure.

    That's it, you are rocking it! Well, okay these lessons may seem simple, but they do force you to focus on specific fundamental skills. For example, keeping time is one of the most basic skills that a guitar player needs to develop. Even if you know all kinds of chords, you are not going to be able to play well with others if you can't maintain the count and play those chords at the right time.

  2. What the !@%$#%@ are all these symbols?
    iPractice presents most musical information as Tablature, a common form for fretted instruments. The specific Tablature symbols used in iPractice were designed for display on the iPhone/iPod Touch device. Please have a look at the "Intro To Scales", animation included in the scales sessions as it introduces the specific Tablature symbols used in iPractice. Don't worry if you feel overloaded at first, just keep at it and it will all start to make sense.